Wonderful Innovation to Beautify Emerald Wedding Rings

Having an emerald wedding ring must be very exclusive for everyone particularly the bride. It is an elegant ring for bridal with gorgeous green precious stone to replace common scheme of diamond. As like the diamond, emerald cut style looks so boring to integrate right now. Therefore, some wonderful innovation to beautify emerald wedding rings is required here. Let’s find the best inspiration of new emerald ring model for your wedding at this post.

Emerald Wedding Rings for Women

Can you see the first photo uploaded with this article? Yeah, it is a set of yellow gold rings which is purposely involving double band concept for the design. In other words, this ring unit consists of two round bands to wear on your finger at the same time as a unit. Since these kind of yellow gold emerald wedding rings is a unit of ring, no wonder that each round band has different model or design. In this case, we should only focus on the embellishment.

Emerald Wedding Rings Gold

Based on the first photo, when both rings are separated, we can see that each ring perfectly has different embellishment concept of emerald. The first ring involves stylish emerald crown as basic design, whereas the second ring comes with two emerald grains and a small diamond on the center. When both rings are connected to each other, a beautiful green flower inspired ring design is displayed crystal clearly.

Emerald Wedding Rings Meaning

If you love something simpler yet fabulous, the third photo will be a nice sample for your innovative emerald wedding rings. This ring design integrates classic concept of ring with a big round cut emerald and Halo diamond surrounding the emerald. Four yellow gold prongs are attached to grab the emerald as complement of the ring design. It is a kind of final touch for the glorious green emerald white gold ring for bridal.

Emerald Wedding Rings Sets


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